In-house (client side) would be a plus (creative that works)
Agency experience is a must
Someone who can lead and inspire teams to develop and produce great creative
A leader who believes building a new product or piece of hardware could be an effective piece of “communication” for a brand
Bring diverse perspectives
A rebellious extrovert who constantly challenges the status quo
Craves information and thrives in environments that are fast-paced
Understands the difference between a big idea and a tactical execution and excels at both
Is open to change
Thinks in ideas rather than channels
Understand customer experience and user experience (and the difference)

Technical Skills:
Digital-first thinker I.e. How to drive revenue from digital, comfortable with data (necessity), understands the business value derived from lifecycle and life stage marketing
An understanding of how to use data and context to personalize everything, not one size fits all
Very familiar with programmatic, automation, machine learning and agile methodologies including product development (UX principals)
Very comfortable with concepts like control groups, cells, reference tables, assembly engines, campaign automation, recommendation engine, analytics, advanced analytics, data modelling, lifecycle (acquisition, churn, wingback, deepen, retention, SOW, TOW etc)

Soft skills:
Highly accountable and responsible, proactive, disciplined, motivated, delivery oriented, time management, multi-tasker, quick learner
A leader in the boardroom, strategic and can command an audience
Managerial skills to lead a team, with discipline