Who is Diamond?

We’re a strategic, creative and client focused led group of people working hand in hand to solve problems for some really great brands – among other things. We always look ahead – changing and evolving as the industry changes. We love problems above channels. Insights above fads. And creativity above all else.

We’ve challenged ourselves to build an organization which operates much like an enterprise start-up. Enterprise in the way we operate, think, govern:

More process

More policy

More accountability

More data

More tools

More documentation

More discipline

More structure

However, there’s a fine balance in that we want to retain our start-up DNA which is our tenacity to relentless focus on quality and client satisfaction where we’re always embracing change; from our clients, the industry and within the four walls of our operation.

As part of our pursuit, we have embraced and adopted the RACI matrix for how we govern. This model ensures there’s clarity in everything we do and how we do it.

Some of the things we do:

Social Media + Digital + Content + Experiential + Sponsorship + Events + Activations + Promotions + Design + Insights + Strategy + Marketing Automation



You have a passion for all things social and influencer marketing. You have budding relationships and experience working with influencers and have a strong understanding of the influencer and digital landscapes. You enjoy the process of collaboration, assisting influencers with creating engaging content that brings value to both their followers and our clients. You’re a creative problem solver, a detail-oriented team player and someone with strong communication skills. You are a sponge for leaning and gaining new experiences. You will manage multiple influencer projects in varying stages simultaneously responsible for overseeing them from inception through delivery. You will learn how to plan, schedule, coordinate and budget all aspects of an influencer program and be responsible for collecting data/ metrics.


  • Build relationships with key influencers both locally and nationally
  • Stay on top of industry trends, the latest influencers, social media advancements and relevant campaigns
  • Serve as a partner to the influencers we work with by collaborating on content to maintain best in class creative and campaign solutions
  • Work closely with Accounts and Project Managers on developing campaign documentation for delivery and maintenance such as developing budgets, reports, work back schedules, etc.
  • On-going interdepartmental collaboration throughout the program assisting in the consistent delivery of communication and updates to Project Managers
  • Researching, vetting and engaging influencers, briefing them and working as a partner once they are signed on to the program
  • Secure and negotiate influencer partnerships as well as organic influencer opportunities
  • Responsible for all communications with influencers including content management, ideation, data collection and program management
  • Monitoring organic influencer content in market, tracking data and reporting on campaign performance, escalate weak performing KPI's in real time
  • Assist on the post-campaign evaluation process/management identifying key learnings and opportunities for improvement
  • Program Wrap and reconciliation (contributing to the process)


  • Must have experience working on influencer campaigns, where you have managing the research/vetting process, negotiations, content management and data collection
  • Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in influencer marketing, preferably with a background PR, social, content or digital
  • Demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience in execution of influencer marketing, and related activities
  • Ability to analyze the fit of an influencer using analytics and executing content audits
  • Strong creative, strategic, analytical, management and organizational skills
  • Clarity in written and verbal communication in a professional manner
  • Extremely detail oriented, logical, work-oriented and analytical
  • Ability to actively listen, ensure understanding, adaptability
  • Ability to work independently, and under pressure in a fast-paced environment while remaining highly motivated
  • Extremely adept in software applications including MS Office, G-Suite, and have working knowledge of social listening and tracking tools
  • Able to monitor for influencer coverage and evaluate content performance
  • Passionate, detailed-oriented, team player who has the ability to work independently, under pressure and in a fast paced environment
  • Understands the influencer landscape (both paid and organic opportunities) and influencer best practises on how to outreach, communicate and negotiate